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We inspire individuals, organizations, and communities to go car free.

Our Mission Since 2005

For nearly twenty years, GoCarFree.org has been the leading provider of training, resources, and programs to reduce car use and encourage car-free commuting.

20,000+ Success Stories

Our Drive Less Save More programs for colleges and universities, businesses, stadiums, concert venues, attractions, communities, government, and special events have inspired more than 20,000 people to go car free or car lite, and countless more to commute to work and school car free.

online training

Online Training 

online training


online training

Community Outreach

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Live Events

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Telephone Coaching

online training

Commuter Programs

Save Money. Save the Planet.

Our enterprise solutions provide massive financial, environmental, and social benefits by reducing the number of cars driving to and parking at your location.  

    cost savings

    Significant Cost Savings

    fewer parking spaces

    Fewer Parking Spaces Required

    reduced traffic

    Reduced Traffic Congestion

    cleaner air

    Cleaner Air, Less Pollution

    improved sustainabiity

    Improved Sustainability

    fewer crashes

    Better Health, Fewer Crashes

    community support

    Community Support

    lower ghg levels

    Lower GHG Emissions

    positive publicity

    Positive Publicity

    grants and funding

    Grants and Funding Opportunities

    GoCarFree.org Certification

    Getting certified as “Recommended by GoCarFree.org” signals to customers, visitors, employees, elected officials, and the public that driving an automobile is not necessary at that location, and alternative transportation options are present and preferred. 

      Cincinnati Zoo

      Why Get Certified?

      Getting certified by GoCarFree.org demonstrates your organization’s commitment to sustainability, traffic reduction, cleaner air, less greenhouse gas emissions, reducing the need for costly automobile infrastructure like parking garages and widening roadways, and lowering the number of cars driving to and parking at your location. 

        Santa Monica Pier

        Benefits of Certification

        city hall approval

        Quicker Project Approvals from City Hall

        press coverage

        Positive Press Coverage

        new marketing channels

        New Marketing Channels

        press coverage

        More Customers

        community support

        Community Good Will

        cost savings

        Public and Private Grants

        Real estate developers, do you want City Hall to approve your projects faster? Get certified.

        43 Green Mixed Use

        Do you want your employees, students, visitors, or residents to drive less and save more?

        We can help make that happen.